As the sun’s rays rise over the shimmering turquoise sea, turning the horizon into a kaleidoscope of brilliant color, you awake, stretch and rise to a new day in the paradise that is Tulum.

Will it be a day that begins with yoga at dawn, stretches into a spa experience -- ahh, massage -- and ends in laughter with fashionista friends at a fire-lit cantina or a hip fine-dining establishment transplanted straight from New York City?

Or will it be an action and adventure packed day of ziplining, cave diving, snorkeling with the sea turtles or kayaking in the lagoon of the Sian Ka’an, Mayan for “where the sky is born.” You’ll surely glimpse some of the 345 species of birds and 105 species of mammals found in the 1.6 million-acre biosphere reserve tucked between the sea and the jungle.

Will it be an alligator, a pink flamingo, a magnificent frigate, a puma?

Want to try kite-boarding and fly across the waves with the wind at your beck and call? That can be arranged. Or if you prefer you can watch the pros, jumping and soaring as though released from the Earth’s gravity.

Are you looking for a little history and culture. Mayan ruins, once home to the philosophers, shamen and scientists who lived millennium ago, are plentiful here. Marvel at the walled city perched high on the cliffs above the sea. Climb the tallest pyramid in the Yucatan to stare at awe at the jungle vista that hasn’t changed in thousands of years. Explore the unexcavated mounds hiding secrets that archeologists have yet to discover.

Or perhaps the adventure can wait for tomorrow. Maybe today is the day to relax in a hammock with your honey, frosty drinks in hand, powder-white sand beneath your feet. Maybe a fisherman will emerge from the sea with his catch of lobster, selling it to the nearest chef for your dining pleasure.

Tomorrow, escape the sand’s gravity for a foray into the pueblo. Try a freshly baked croissant at the newest pastry shop on Avenida Tulum, a trio of tacos from a street-side stand or gelato that will have you rolling your eyes in ecstacy.

Browse the fine silver rings, the funky coconut bead necklaces, the elaborately embroidered fabrics or the high fashion at one of the myriad shops.

Move a block or two off the avenue for a glimpse of life among the modern day Maya. Everywhere you turn, there’s a smile and a new friend waiting to be found.

Whether you’re a hipster or an aging hippy, anything is possible here. Serenity, magic, peace, vision. Come and share it with us.


About Hip Tulum is a community site managed by the friendly people at the El Pez, Mezzanine and La Zebra hotels. We love our town, and hope to share all of its wonderful attactions, activities and businesses with everyone who visits.